Elevator Cellular Emergency Phone Lines

Safety First Wireless: Elevating Safety with Cellular Emergency Elevator Phones

At Safety First Wireless, we recognize the critical importance of safety in elevator emergencies. That’s why we offer state-of-the-art Cellular Emergency Phone Lines for elevators, designed to provide reliable communication when it matters most. With our advanced technology and dedication to your safety, you can trust us to keep you connected in any elevator emergency.

Why Choose Our Cellular Emergency Phone Lines For Your Elevators?

  1. Reliable Connectivity: Our Cellular Emergency Elevator Phones ensure uninterrupted communication in elevator emergencies. By utilizing cellular networks, we eliminate the reliance on landlines, providing a more robust and reliable communication solution.
  2. Seamless Integration: Our Cellular Emergency Elevator Phones seamlessly integrate with existing elevator systems. Whether you have a newly installed elevator or are looking to upgrade your current setup, our phones can be easily integrated into your system for enhanced safety and efficiency.
  3. Rapid Emergency Response: Elevator emergencies require immediate attention. Our Cellular Emergency Phone Lines are designed to prioritize emergency calls, ensuring that your distress call reaches emergency responders promptly. Quick response times can make all the difference in critical situations.
  4. Enhanced Safety Features: Our Cellular Emergency Elevator Phones come equipped with a range of safety features to assist you in emergencies. These may include hands-free operation, location identification, two-way communication, and automatic call forwarding to emergency services. We provide the tools you need to navigate through emergencies effectively.
  5. 24/7 Monitoring and Support: Safety First Wireless offers 24/7 monitoring and support for our Cellular Emergency Elevator Phones. Our team of professionals is always ready to assist you, ensuring that help is just a call away. We are committed to your safety and peace of mind.
  6. Compliance with Regulations: We understand the importance of adhering to safety regulations and industry standards. Our Cellular Emergency Phone Lines comply with applicable codes and regulations, giving you the confidence that you’re implementing a reliable and compliant solution.

Elevate Your Safety with Safety First Wireless

When it comes to Cellular Emergency Elevator Phones, Safety First Wireless is your trusted partner. Our commitment to reliable connectivity, rapid emergency response, and comprehensive support sets us apart. Elevate your safety standards with our cutting-edge technology and exceptional service.

Contact Safety First Wireless today to learn more about our Cellular Emergency Elevator Phones and how we can help enhance the safety of your elevator system. Your safety is our priority, and we are here to provide the peace of mind you deserve. Trust Safety First Wireless to keep you connected in elevator emergencies.

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The new Rescue GSM, commercial strength cellular elevator communicator, replaces expensive land lines and delivers a dedicated, code complaint, LTE cellular emergency elevator phone line for any analog elevator phone to any pre- programmed call center. With over 12 hrs of stand-by back-up battery the Rescue GSM is not only easy to install but provides a substantial savings over the outdated connections.

Upgrade and save 50% or more off current emergency elevator phone line charges! Plug and play installation makes the Rescue GSM Gateways an easy switch to cellular emergency phones.

Units are made in USA and include lifetime warranty with active LTE service plans.

Average Monthly Savings

  • Replaces existing land lines with cellular connectivity

  • Compatible with all analog elevator phones

  • Fully code compliant

  • Easy to install

  • No change to elevator service agreement or providers

  • No modifications needed

  • Utilizes reliable T-Mobile MIMO* Network

  • Provides 4G-LTE-A connectivity

  • 30-50% savings on line charges

  • PTCRB Certified

  • Converts any analog phone into a cellular emergency phone

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Safety First Wireless now leverages T-Mobile’s Exclusively Licensed 700 MHz 4G LTE MIMO network which will deliver increased radio efficiency, immense numbers of connected devices, lower latency, improved reliability, longer stand-by battery life and better In-Building services, creating an optimized and cohesive signal environment.

Operational efficiency is achieved by using a technology called Multiple in Multiple-out or MIMO. A MIMO system widens the broadcast “pipeline,” allowing more data to flow through the same block of spectrum at a time.

MIMO can be used to enhance the capacity and coverage of a radio signal for customers.T-Mobile currently deploys a 4×4 MIMO system with 700 MHz antennas. That means four transmitters and four receivers are required so that multiple data signals can simultaneously use the same block of frequencies. This allows the cell sites to “speak louder” and “hear better” in tough environments.


Because the 700 MHz wavelength is longer, it travels farther making it a good solution for more rural terrain. It also provides better in-building service than smaller, higher-band wavelengths.

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Get 50% or more savings on emergency phone service

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