Case Studies

HCA incorporates the CDS-9070 as a dedicated connection for their payment and fax needs. Their privatized Point of Sale systems connect to their servers via the 9070, taking advantage of its encrypted abilities.

Big Lots uses the CDS-9070 as an “All-In-One” point of use. From fire alarm panels, VoIP and faxes, to point of sale systems. Big Lots pushes the 9070 to the limit by taking advantage of everything it has to offer.

Duke Energy deploys CDS-9070 for field connectivity. With the VPN functionality, their employees can access company data as if they were at HQ.

Washington State Department of Transportation uses the CDS-9070 for their state managed ferries as a VoIP and Gateway connection. The CDS allows the ferries to seamlessly route all traffic through the dry dock’s Wi-Fi when in range and reverts to LTE when out to sea.

The Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System – uses the CDS-9070 as a mobile office solution for its employees. When disaster strikes, the ILEAS are the first-responders to the scene and they need a solution that’s as tough as them. By outfitting their Disaster First-Response vehicles with our converter, their staff can connect to the internet with government standards of security on the go.

The giants in the musical instrument industry uses the CDS-9070 as an out of band management system. The 9070 gives their internet provider access to their commercial-grade routers for routine maintenance.

DEX uses the CDS-9070 to provide a fail-over system for their internal network. With their fast-paced business, they need the availability to be up 24/7 with no down time to their network. Not only does DEX deploy this solution as safety net, but they use the 9070 to encrypt their private communications and as a site-to-site VPN to access their data from anywhere.

The Miami Cerebral Palsy Residential uses the CDS-9070 solution to allow their fire alarm panels to communicate with the fire alarm companies monitoring station.

More case studies coming soon. Stay tuned!

Leading The Way Through The Sunset Of Landline Phone Service

At Safety First Wireless, we’re proud to lead the way in transforming emergency communication systems. When it comes to replacing outdated landline services, we provide next-level solutions by using advanced cellular gateways.

In a world where split-second decisions matter, our technology ensures that ASME code approved emergency phones are not just operational but exceptionally reliable.

One key area of our expertise lies in modernizing elevator phone lines. The conventional method using landlines posed challenges in both reliability and efficiency.

We’ve revolutionized this critical safety feature by introducing cellular technology, significantly enhancing its performance while eliminating the vulnerabilities linked to landline outages.

We stand out in offering USA based phone support to address any concerns or technical issues. Our unmatched commitment to service quality complements our technical expertise, delivering a comprehensive solution for all emergency communication needs.

In summary, Safety First Wireless has set the industry standard for transforming old landline-based emergency phones into state-of-the-art cellular systems.

With a focus on reliability and a strong support structure, we’re elevating what clients should expect from their emergency phones and elevator phone lines. We’re not just upgrading your system; we’re raising the bar on safety and efficiency.