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The Rescue GSM Cellular Gateway

The Rescue GSM Cellular Gateways by Safety First Wireless are designed and code approved specifically for elevator cellular phones, area of refuge systems and emergency pool phones.

* Provides dedicated cellular emergency phone lines for any analog emergency phone

* Save 70%+ on phone line charges

* No setup fees

* No Contract Required

* In stock and available for expedited shipping

* USA Made

* Lifetime Warranty

* USA Phone Support

* Compatible With All Analog Phones

* Easy Plug & Play Installation

* 12 Hour Battery Backup


The Rescue GSM Cellular Gateway is a complete POTS / analog phone line replacement solution for elevators and area of rescue / refuge emergency phones. The 2004G LTE-SMS meets ASME A17.1, Section 2.27 for elevators. All Rescue GSM gateways meet the code requirements for communication failure and work with all 3rd party line verification panels.

Great solution for:

Parking ramps
ATM machines
Area of refuge locations
Campus emergency stations
Roadside emergency stations
Convention centers

Incorporating cellular gateways into emergency phone systems significantly enhances safety. Unlike traditional landline connections, which can be unreliable during power outages or natural disasters, cellular technology ensures a constant and clear connection. This reliability is crucial in emergency situations where every second counts.

Additionally, cellular gateways offer better voice quality, ensuring that important information is communicated clearly during emergencies. They are also easier to install and maintain compared to landline systems, ensuring minimal downtime. Plus, they’re scalable and can be updated as technology advances, providing a future-proof solution.

In short, shifting to cellular gateways for emergency phones offers greater reliability, clearer communication, and easier maintenance, contributing to a more effective and safer emergency response system.