Emergency Pool Phones

Landline Replacement Options For 911 Emergency Pool Phones

Using cellular phone lines for emergency pool phones offers several advantages that enhance certified life safety and overall efficiency. Here are the three main benefits:

  1. Reliability and Redundancy: Traditional wired emergency phone lines are susceptible to various issues, such as line cuts or system failures. In contrast, cellular-based emergency pool phones offer greater reliability. They come with multiple carrier options and failover capabilities, ensuring that the phone is always operational. This level of redundancy is essential for certified life safety, as it reduces the risk of communication breakdowns during critical moments.
  2. Ease of Installation and Flexibility: Cellular technology eliminates the need for complex wiring and infrastructure, making the installation process quicker and less intrusive. This allows for greater flexibility in placing the emergency pool phone at optimal locations, improving accessibility and thereby enhancing certified life safety. Additionally, it enables easy relocation and adjustment of the setup in response to changing requirements or layout modifications.
  3. Remote Management and Monitoring: Wireless connectivity enables real-time remote management of the emergency pool phone. Administrators can conduct tests, receive alerts, and even update software without being on-site. This ensures that the phone system remains in peak operating condition, adhering to certified life safety standards. Remote capabilities also allow for rapid diagnostics and troubleshooting, ensuring minimal downtime and immediate resolution of any issues.

Cellular 911 Emergency Pool Phone Lines

By utilizing cellular phone lines, emergency pool phones become more reliable, flexible, and easier to manage, significantly contributing to certified life safety.

Switching to a wireless 911 pool phone line solution for your emergency communication needs is not just a step towards modernizing your facilities; it’s a financially savvy decision.

With the average cost of maintaining a landline in the USA hovering over $120 per month, and in many areas rates exceeding $200 monthly, the economic strain is tangible. In contrast, cellular solutions present a cost-effective alternative at approximately $30 per month.


  • Cellular Pool Phone Lines @ $30 mo.
  • Save 70%+ on Landline Emergency Phone Lines
  • No Setup Fees
  • No Contract Required
  • No Need to Change Phone
  • Easy Plug & Play Conversion
  • Code Approved and Certified

Viking E-1600A-EWP ADA Compliant Red Emergency Phone with Enhanced Weather Protection (EWP)

The Viking E-1600A-EWP is an ADA compliant, outdoor rated emergency phone that provides dependable, rapid handsfree communication for conventional analog telephone lines or an analog station/extension port on a phone system.

The Viking E-1600A meets ADA criteria for elevator / emergency telephones and may be programmed from any touch tone phone. The pool phone can be set to dial up to five emergency numbers and two central station numbers.

Viking E-1600A-EWP Applications:
Parking ramps
ATM machines
Area of refuge locations
Campus emergency stations
Roadside emergency stations
Convention centers